Computer Gear For Sale

I’ve got a bit of hardware that I’m not really using any more. It’s hard for one person to use all this stuff, anyway.

The CPUs listed below are motherboards in a case with a power supply. In some cases, they come with some amount of on-board RAM.

Model Quantity Price
Sun Microsystems Hardware
SPARCstation ELC (integral B&W tube) 3 250
SPARCstation SLC (integral B&W tube) 1
3/110 (color framebuffer) in 3-slot VME cabinet 1
3/60 (color framebuffer) 1 100
3/60 (B&W framebuffer) 1 60
3/50 (B&W framebuffer) 4 MB RAM expandable to 12 MB 3
3/50 (B&W framebuffer) 4 MB RAM 2
17-inch Sony Trinitron ?
19-inch Hitachi RGB 2
19-inch B&W (sun3) 1
19-inch B&W (sun2) 3
cg4 framebuffer (8-bit + 1 for P4-slot) 1
Keyboards, Mice, etc.
Type 4 keyboard ?
Type 4 mouse and mouse pad ?
Type 3 keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad 1?
DEC Hardware
DECStation 5000 ?
DECStation 3100 a bunch
17-inch Sony Trinitron (GDM-1602) ?
Apple (Macintosh) Hardware
Macintosh Color Display (14-inch Trinitron) 2
RasterOps-brand 19-inch Sony Trinitron (GDM-1952) 1
NuBus cards
Various ethernet adapters ?
IIsi NuBus adapter ?
1.44MB Apple FDHD drive 1
Keyboards, Mice, etc.
Extended Type II keyboard ?
Networking Hardware
AsantePrint 1001 Ethernet/Localtalk Converter 1
Other Hardware
Concurrent Computer Corp-brand 19-inch Sony Trinitron (GDM-1950) 1