Geoff Adams

That’s me to the right. It’s my best self-portrait so far. I think it’s rather striking.

I like to have information at my fingertips. And what better way to make sure the information I’ve collected is available, no matter where I am, than to put it up on a web server? So, while there is some personal content strewn about in my pages, much of it is technical.

Most of my writing is spread out over this site, but I’ve collected some of my essays over the years on my essays page. I don’t have much in this essays section, yet, but I will collect some of my thoughts and ideas that are more philosophical or political, here. I have also published or presented a few papers, which I have collected on a separate papers page.

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Hobbies and Interests


If you’d like to see more of my images, visit my gallery! Otherwise, hit my photography page.


This page is just a collection of interesting links to astronomy resources. These are the sites I’d bookmark if I didn’t have this convenient repository for them.


I’ve just updated with some seasonal gardening tips. Eventually, I hope to have descriptions of my plant-growing endeavors along with the information I’ve gathered on growing and, where appropriate, using the plants I own. I’ll probably also pepper the pages with of pictures of my plants, if you’ll excuse the pun and the alliteration.

Of course, electronics-hacking is not really a hobby. It’s more a way of life. So that subject will get an entire section of its own:

Geek Stuff

Networking & Security

Internetworking theories, protocols, and routing fascinate me. Of course, once you’ve got your packets being routed, you’ll want to make sure only those who administer your network are in control...

Hardware References

This is a good place to look for Ethernet specs and other computer-related hardware information.

Operating Systems

Reseach operating systems are cool. For my production systems, though, I’ll stick to a more standard OS, like a mostly-Posix-compliant BSD variant.


I run a small Macintosh software company called Avernus. We haven’t been the most active of coders lately, but we’ll get back into development sometime soon, I’m sure.

Although this doesn’t necessarily belong in this section, I’ve also collected a fair amount of computer equipment which I no longer need, and hence is for sale. If you need anything, have a look!

Other Interesting Pages

I have a new recipes page.

You could also take a look at my Laserdisc and DVD collection. I started collecting laserdiscs right around when the industry moved to a newer format. That meant that for a few years, there were a lot of cheap titles available, even new. Now, I’ve given in and started collecting DVDs.

Now that I’ve gotten the movies in an XML database, I’ll have to work on setting my music collection up similarly, too.

I have a wish list of, as you might expect, some things that I’ve been wanting for a while. Perhaps the most interesting part of this list at the moment is the movie titles section. If anyone knows where I can find these titles, or if you happen to own one and no longer have a use for it, please send me some mail!

You might want to check out my links page. You might not. You might also be interested in some interesting back-formed words my friends and I have come up with. (“That is something up with which I will not put!”) Have you ever been to the End of the Internet?