Oren Stern

My brother hasn't put up a web page yet, so I'm going to do it for him. This page is intentionally sparse, but if he wants to add anything, I'll put it in for him. Oren went to the University of Maryland at College Park where he got a BS in Computer Science, and after muddling around for a couple of years working at the university, he took off for California to work for Apple Computer, and shortly afterwords, his girlfriend Robin joined him there. After his contract with Apple expired, he decided not to renew, and went to work for Cisco in the QA department. Oren and Robin were later married(click here for picture) Oren lives in Cupertino, California, with his wife, Robin. While visiting them a while back, when Oren was working for Apple Computer, I got a chance to meet Clarus the Dogcow! (click here for picture)

Oren later went on to work for Cisco, where he works in the QA department.

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