Allon J. Stern

Allon Stern was born on May 18, 1970 and grew up in the city of Greenbelt, Maryland. He attended Eleanor Roosevelt High School, and later went on to get a BS in computer science at the University of Maryland at College Park.

While attending UMCP, he worked in the Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology in the CSS building and, among other more productive pursuits, was co-host of the Terrapin Mud which he ran on his boss's Sparcstation,

After attending UMCP for four years, Allon felt that it was time to start looking for something productive to do with his life. His good friend Geoff Adams had taught him enough Macintosh programming to write "Hello World", so he felt he had enough technical knowledge to score a job as a Mac programmer.

One of the extracurricular activities that Allon enjoyed (and still indulges in on occasion) was working and attending Science Fiction conventions. At one such convention, another friend of Allon's, one John J. McMahon mentioned to Allon that there would be a networking convention coming up in Washington DC that summer (1992) and that it would be a good place to get some experience and exposure to the world of computer networking which would be good for finding a job.

A few months later, Allon found himself measuring floorspace at a hotel in the Northern Virginia area for another one of these science fiction conventions, and since it was near where another friend, Tad Pierson, worked, he had lunch with Tad. Over lunch, Allon mentioned to Tad that he was looking for a summer job. Tad mentioned that they were looking for Mac programmers. Bingo.

to be continued...

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