Timed Video Grabber

By Allon Stern

 Welcome to the Timed Video Grabber web page. I hope to keep this page updated with the latest information on the TVG. Any suggestions are welcome!

   Latest information
   TVG hasn't been updated in a couple of years. That doesn't mean that it won't work, though! I keep intending to rewrite the code to be much better, but never seem to find quite enough time to sit down and actually do it.

 What is the Timed Video Grabber?

 The Timed Video Grabber (TVG) is a utility for the Macintosh which lets you set up a Mac to grab a frame of video at a defined interval and automatically save it to a jpeg file.

 What is it for?

 TVG was developed primarily so that you can set up a web page to display a semi-current image. Useful for coffee machines, or whatever....

 What are the requirements?

 All that is needed is a Mac with QuickTime and a video digitizer such as the built-in one on the AV macs, or a Video Spigot(tm) or a QuickCam(tm).

 What's new in version 0.80b2?

 Version 0.80b2 includes a bug fix which hopefully fixes the -48 errors some of you have reported when saving a jpeg file. It also includes some partially tested code to save frames to a time-lapse quicktime movie! Be sure to read the README file for more info.

 Where can I get my hands on this hot little piece of software?

 Click HERE to download the software. The current version is 0.80b2. Make sure to read the README file that comes with it!

Last Updated 9/10/97by Allon Stern