Desktop Textures

Add depth to your desktop!

Desktop Textures is a collection of textures specifically designed to make your Macintosh desktop look better.

Desktop Textures also includes the premier set of utilities for collecting and creating textures and installing them on the Macintosh desktop. Desktop Textures has become the standard utility for viewing and installing the many textures created by people around the world.

You can download Desktop Textures for the Macintosh.

Using Desktop Textures

You are free to use the textures and software as much as you like, for as long as you like. There is no mandatory fee or anything else associated with using Desktop Textures.

Want to use a texture in a World-Wide Web page or on your Windows box? Want to redistribute Desktop Textures? Please read the Desktop Textures Copyright, which tells you all about what to do.

Current features

Desktop Textures is an on-going graphic arts/software project of Stephen Krauth and Geoff Adams, one of several such projects at Avernus. When I say on-going, I mean that we plan to produce more Desktop Textures sometime in the future, although in reality, the current version is three and a half years old.


The latest release, Desktop Textures III, includes:

The main program in the Desktop Textures Suite is the Texture Installer, which allows you to install any textures on your Macintosh desktop. The installer also helps you maintain and look through collections of textures and even make your own.

Also in the Desktop Textures Suite are the Texture Randomizer, which will temporarily install a random texture from a set of textures you choose, and the Texture Scroller, which can be helpful for creating smoothly-repeating textures.

You can download Desktop Textures for the Macintosh.

X Window System

We created a set of xpm (X PixMap) files (that link is broken) containing some of the textures that seemed to work the best as backgrounds for the X Window System.

I also created a shell script that installs in your X display or window manager's root window a random texture chosen from all the textures it finds. Just like the Texture Randomizer for the Macintosh.

Sorry, I don't have the distribution put together at the moment, since it was removed from the only ftp server it existed on. If you send us mail asking for it, I'll probably get around to collecting it all together.

Future features

I'd like to improve Desktop Textures in the following ways: As the whole thing grows, we need to think about the "packaging." Right now, it's all one big self-extracting archive. Perhaps we might want to separate out the Suite from the Textures. But then, perhaps we might not.

The idea has also been going around for a while of distributing a Texture Edition -- something like 1.4 MB of just textures. I would, of course, mail this to everyone who has sent us something for Desktop Textures.

Other texture resources

Third-party textures

Anthony's Icon Library

Ben Moss tells you how to use Desktop Textures as WWW backgrounds in Fun with Backgrounds. Unfortunately, this link is also broken at the moment.

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